Acquisitions & Growth

Acquisitions & Growth

Acquisitions & Growth

As part of our growth and expansion plan, Children’s Magnet Montessori School is now considering strategic acquisitions to be part of its family of schools. Our plan is part of a strategy to increase our brand presence all over the country by offering our unique benefits to communities where the Montessori approach to early childhood education is still unknown.

The idea of expanding through acquisitions was born from the fact that the childcare industry is in desperate need of a model where education, not just child care, is emphasized. We present an opportunity for current owners and operators to allow us to take over their operations and grow them together.

During the acquisition process, Children’s Magnet helps current childcare business owners through a smooth transition of ownership that allows the owner to complete a successful exit from the business while allowing Children’s Magnet to begin operating the facility.

In order to be considered for acquisition, your business must meet the following criteria:

Geography – United States or territory
Financials – 12-month positive EBITDA and cash flow
Size – 7,500 – 10,000 sq. ft.


At Children’s Magnet Montessori School, we completely understand how a preschool works both from an educational and operational standpoint. As a result of this, our staff understands that during an acquisition it is imperative to maintain strict confidentiality so that the business operates normally throughout the process. With a confidential mindset, Children’s Magnet promises to not only engage with every stakeholder in order to reach a successful transition of the business, but also to guarantee a smooth transition between the new ownership and families and students.

Once the acquisition is complete, the Children’s Magnet team will commit itself to providing each one of the acquired school staff with the continuity and the tools necessary to continue to operate a quality early childhood education program and the Montessori Method.


Children’s Manor Montessori Schools have been in business for nearly 25 years and the founders are educators and operators themselves. Throughout these years we have assured all of our stakeholders that we have the capabilities to grow responsibly with a proven curriculum that can assure a child’s ability to excel in their future endeavors. We would like to further this commitment by offering other preschool operators the possibility to sell their centers to our family of schools. Selling their preschools will give owners the following benefits:

  • The possibility of recovering their investment in their business to retire or pursue other goals
  • Be certain that their educational legacy will be maintained and improved with Children’s Magnet
  • A commitment to preserve the jobs of the school’s essential staff
  • Introduce their existing program to the Montessori Method
  • A smooth transition of management and operations